Europe’s most advanced dredges delivered with American grit


Suction Dredges

Elevate dredging with our precision-engineered suction dredges, offering versatile solutions for any project. Representing ROHR-IDRECO’s electrically driven models, we set new efficiency standards. Experience peak performance with our innovative solutions.


Mechanical Dredges

Revolutionize dredging with our innovative clamshell dredges, blending tradition and reliability. Crafted with historical German wisdom and modern American ingenuity, they redefine efficiency and serviceability, offering unmatched performance.


Pumps and Pump Systems

Elevate operations with ROHR-IDRECO pumps: top-tier efficiency and durability, renowned for exceptional performance and wear resistance. From industry to infrastructure, ensure consistent productivity, minimizing downtime with trusted reliability.



InnoDredge, formerly known as ROHR-IDRECO Americas, embodies our commitment to innovation in dredging. While still proudly representing ROHR-IDRECO’s electric suction dredges, we’re expanding our range to include cutting-edge clamshell, bucket ladder, and diesel options. With a renewed focus on parts and service, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, EUROPE’S MOST ADVANCED DREDGES DELIVERED WITH AMERICAN GRIT!


innodredge embodies




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InnoDredge is focused on North, Central, and South American markets with experts speaking English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Sand & Gravel

Fine sands, coarse gravel, boulders? Almost no water, 500’ deep? Name the sand and gravel application and we have machine to do the job!

Wet Mining & Tailings

Alluvial metals, industrial sands, to oil sands, our variety of machines gives our customers options for their applications.

Drilled & Blasted Underwater Stone

Our team features experience in drilling and blasting applications and can assist with pairing the right machine to the deposit.

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